Friday, June 2

Fresh Intent

The gardening year began late so I came up twice in the same week to jumpstart the garden. It is beginning with a fresh intent. A few seasons of casual transplants and lassez faire has found the cottage beds with large empty patches. Sadly, many of the perennials planted in the first couple of summers have long dissapeared. Their vacant spots were hastily filled with annuals in the following years, so their now empty spaces are in stark comparison to the larger mature perennials that have thrived.

So, out came the phlox, black eyed susans and cone flowers, not to mention a mountain of weeds and in went three shrubs and a climber. Next week we'll see what new perennials we should add and the vegetable beds will be attended to.

Planting List:
Honeysuckle Alabama crimson
Physocarpusopalifolius 12ft
Weigela wine and roses 3-4 ft
Spirea mellow yellow 3.5x3.5

A Peony was also moved from the west beds.

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